Millennium Science Forum

2019 Young Nanoscientist India Award Presentation

NT Forum promoted by OXFORD Instruments INDIA arranged their 3rd NT Forum award function on 30th May 2019 at JNCASR, Bangalore wherein the “OXFORD Instruments Young NanoScientist India Award 2019” was presented to the winner.

The event was conveyed by Prof. A. K. Sood in the presence of the committee and invited guest. Mr. Mangesh Kulkarni as NT Forum Secretary welcomed the audience and introduced them to NT forum structure following which Prof. A. K. Sood introduced the award. Dr. Mandar Deshmukh of TATA Institute of Fundamental Research – Mumbai was felicitated with the award by Bharat Ratna Prof. C.N.R. Rao, for his outstanding research in NanoScience.

Dr. Mandar was awarded with a Medal, a Certificate and a cash prize of INR 200,000.

The audience was then addressed by Prof. C.N.R. Rao, who expressed his views on the award and the Nano Technology forum.

Dr. Mandar Deshmukh then presented his research titled “Quantum Hall Physics in few layers graphene – role of symmetry and Berry Phase” and thanked the committee for the award.

Dr. Ziad Melhem then took the opportunity to talk about “Advanced Technologies for Quantum Applications” and also explained the latest development into Cryofree Magnet technologies.

Prof. A.K. Sood closed the event and invited all for a group photograph.

The Event was followed by lunch at JNCASR, Bangalore and a dinner in celebration of the Winner at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Bangalore.