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2017 Young Nanoscientist India Winner Announcement

The Nanotechnology Forum for Indian Scientists (NT Forum) has recently announced Dr. Narayan Pradhan as the winner of its ‘Oxford Instruments Young Nanoscientist India Award 2017’.

Dr Pradhan’s winning research entry is titled “Doping in Semiconductor Nanocrystals for generating new material properties”, and was chosen by the Selection Committee, who reviewed and evaluated all nominations received by the NT Forum.

The NT Forum was formed to encourage research in the field of Nanotechnology in India and to acknowledge outstanding achievements in this field. The ‘Oxford Instruments Young Nanoscientist India Award’ is presented biennially by the NT Forum and is well received by the Nanotechnology researchers in India.

Bharat Ratna Professor C.N.R Rao, Chairman of the Selection Committee said “It is heartening to see that for the second time in a row, the NT Forum has attracted nominations reflecting the very high standard of research that is carried out in India. The Committee had a hard time in deciding on the winner. Dr. Narayan Pradhan has been selected on merit for his outstanding contribution to Nano Technology in India. The committee is very pleased and believes that this award will further motivate Nano Technology researchers in India, as it also provides them with a global platform for recognition.”

“Oxford Instruments congratulates Dr. Narayan Pradhan for winning this award. We, along with the NT Forum, will be organising a felicitation ceremony on 27th April 2017 to formally recognise Dr. Narayan Pradhan for his research contribution.  We were also very pleased to receive 34 nominations this year for research that has been carried out by eminent researchers from across India.” said by Rajesh Jain, General Manager, Oxford Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.

As the winner of ‘Oxford Instruments Young Nanoscientist India Award 2017’, Dr. Narayan Pradhan will be presented with a certificate, trophy and cash prize for his achievement. The NT Forum will also arrange for him to deliver talks in a number of foreign universities as an invited lecturer.