Prof. Arindam Ghosh awarded “Young Nanoscientist India Award 2015”

AwardBharat Ratna Professor C.N.R Rao presented the ‘Oxford Instruments Young Nanoscientist India Award 2015’ to Prof. Arindam Ghosh on the 16th April for his outstanding contribution to Nano Science in India at ‘Nanotechnology Forum 2015’.

The ‘Nanotechnology Forum 2015’ was hosted by the ‘Nanotechnology Forum for Indian Scientists’, also known as NT Forum. The NT Forum was formed in 2014 to encourage research in the field of Nanotechnology in India and acknowledge outstanding achievements in this field.

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2015 Young Nanoscientist India Winner Announcement

Young-Nanoscientist-India-award-2015-winner-announced-Arindam-Ghosh-298x300The Nanotechnology Forum for Indian Scientists is delighted to announce that Prof. Arindam Ghosh from IISC, Bangalore is the first winner of the ‘Oxford Instruments Young Nanoscientist Award 2015’.

The NT Forum was formed in 2014 and at the same time, launched the Award to acknowledge outstanding research in the field of fabrication and characterisation of nano materials and structures in physical or bio nanotechnology.

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